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Maria Patereli (MMus)

Piano & Theory


I am a professional teacher of classical piano and music theory, and can teach anyone from absolute beginners to degree-level pianist. I began piano lessons at the age of 6 at the Delfikon Conservatory in Athens, Greece, and in 1997 I gained my degree in Piano Performance. I continued with a two-year postgraduate course, graduating with a diploma in Performance in 1999. As well as studying classical piano, I studied advanced music theory, receiving my diploma in Harmony. In 2000, I completed a master's degree in Performance at Newcastle University, studying with David Murray.


After returning to Athens, I continued my studies in advanced music theory at the National Conservatory of Greece, receiving diplomas in Counterpoint and Fugue. I also worked as a piano and theory teacher at public and private conservatories for 10 years.


In 2013 I returned to Newcastle and since then I have taught piano and theory privately, at Tutoring Clinic education centre and at Crossings Music Community Centre, working with migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and the local community. I have also worked as a pianist at the Apostolic Church in Newcastle, conducted community choirs (Crossings Mixed choir and Crossings Women's choir) and participated in recitals as a soloist and as an accompanist for choirs (Howdon community choir) and instrumental groups (Crossings fiddle and trumpet groups).

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