Terms & Conditions

Booking policy:

  • 1:1 lessons can be booked for either 30 minutes or 1 hour. 

  • Lessons are £15 per half-hour or £30 for an hour. 

  • We require bookings in blocks of 5 or 10 lessons.

  • When 10 lessons are booked, the tenth lesson will be free.

  • Payment can be made by card or cash but must be made in advance of the lessons.

  • We will keep lesson times consistent where possible. Once we have given you a time slot, you will continue to have that time slot as long as possible, provided we have received payment a week ahead for your next block of lessons. 

  • We reserve the right to request a change in lesson time in accordance with the needs of our teachers and other students.

  • Please allow at least 48-hours notice when booking a lesson.

Cancellation policy:


  • If you are going on holiday, please let us know when you pay for your lessons and we’ll arrange accordingly.

  • If you need to cancel a lesson, we require 7 days’ notice. Please contact us on 0191 232 8765 or e-mail info@windowsmusicacademy.com.

  • If we receive 7 days’ notice, we will reschedule your lesson, according to the availability of the teacher and teaching space.

  • No-shows and cancellations made fewer than 7 days before the lesson in question - including for illness and self-isolation due to COVID-19 - are considered forfeited lessons and cannot be refunded. If you cannot attend your lesson in person, we can offer you an online lesson instead.

  • If your teacher is unable to teach, we will reschedule your lesson or find a replacement teacher, and the lesson will not be forfeited. 

  • If the Academy is forced to cancel your lesson for another reason, such as severe weather, we will reschedule your lesson and the lesson will not be forfeited.

  • If we are rescheduling your lesson, we will try to reschedule it within the week of the original booking, or you may be able to take it alongside your next lesson as an hour-long lesson.

  • We cannot offer refunds on unused lessons.

  • We reserve the right to cease the service if we consider that there has a been an unreasonable number of cancelled or missed lessons such that it is compromising the work of the teacher and student.

Covid Safety Student Agreement:

  • Students, teachers, shop staff and parents must follow the shop’s requirements regarding the wearing of face coverings and use of hand sanitiser/gloves on arrival at the shop, in accordance with government guidelines:

  • Unless exempt, face coverings must be worn in the shop at all times by adults and children over the age of 11. These can be provided if required.

  • Hand sanitiser must be used when entering the shop. If a medical condition means this isn’t possible, gloves are provided as an alternative.

  • Please observe social distancing rules and keep a 2 metre distance from staff and customers as much as possible.

  • Customers may be asked to queue outside the shop if there are too many people inside to allow effective social distancing.

  • If you/the student are experiencing cold symptoms, please take/help them take a rapid lateral flow test before attending the lesson.

  • Please be aware that children with cold symptoms attending a lesson (without Covid symptoms) may be asked to wear a face covering for the 30-minutes of their lesson.

  • In the event that a lesson cannot take place face-to-face due to Covid, we may be able to offer an online lesson instead.

We expect all students and teachers to follow government guidelines regarding selfisolation, as follows:

1. If you experience any of the following symptoms:


a. a high temperature

b. a new cough where you keep on coughing – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more episodes of coughing in a day

c. losing or there being a change to your sense of smell or taste


please do not attend your lesson. Please visit the NHS website or contact 111 and book a COVID-19 test. If you feel well enough, it may be possible to arrange an online lesson.


2. Please adhere to government guidelines regarding self-isolation after travel to other countries. An online lesson can be arranged if you are required to self-isolate. 

NB: these guidelines apply to our teachers and all members of staff at JG Windows shops.

Upated 30/12/21