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Dr. John Goodenough FRCO

Piano & Theory


Originally from Birmingham, John studied music at Huddersfield 1976-79, The Royal College of Music (an M.Mus in composition 1980-81), and Durham University (a PHD in composition 2015).

John is passionate about music. He is a composer and also a performer; organist, pianist and educator.

Between 1990 and 2014 John worked for Gateshead Music Service teaching keyboards and singing, whilst also developing cross-curricular work with other arts disciplines. He taught music across age ranges from nursery through to GCSE and A level. Whilst a student at Durham, John also gained some experience with University teaching achieving an Associate Fellowship (The Higher Education Academy) in 2013.

Over many years, through careful evaluation and an extensive range of musical experience, composition in particular has offered tangible change and development. For example, John collaborated with a local Animator (a Royal College of Art graduate) producing the full soundtrack for an Animated film (The Box, for Amber Films, Newcastle. 1986). During Gateshead Youth Orchestra’s visit to Salzburg and Vienna (in 2006) John had a ‘pastiche’ symphonic orchestral score performed in the huge Votivkirche (Vienna), and whilst at Durham, he had a choral score performed in Cambridge by the choir of Selwyn College.

Current work with The London Symphony Orchestra, as a composer in association, has prompted further substantial change, and through this, fresh energy.

Learn more about the lessons John offers by visiting our "Instruments" page

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