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Electronic Drum Set

Drum kit


Do I need my own kit to learn drums?

If you have a drum kit at home you will learn more quickly than if you only play at your lesson. However, you may wish to try a few lessons before committing to the expense.

Are the lessons for acoustic or electric drum kit?

We use electric drum kits at the Academy, but you can also practice on an acoustic kit at home. We find that being able to plug a set of head phones into the electric kits makes them an attractive option at home!

What are the age limits for playing drums?

Younger children may be limited by their size so we would recommend about 6 years old. Kits can be adjusted for younger beginners with shorter arms. We would recommend speaking to a member of JG Windows staff before booking a first lesson for a child to check if they are able to comfortably hold the instrument. There is no upper age limit!

Do you need any previous musical experience to learn?


Absolutely no experience is required! Complete beginners are welcome.


What styles of music do you teach?


We can teach any style from rock to jazz.

Who is the teacher?

Our drum teacher is Alex Black. Learn more about him here.

What equipment do you need to learn drums?


A drum kit, stool and sticks are all you need to get started.

Do you offer exams and will I have to take them?


Our teachers can put you through exams should you wish to take that direction. However, there is absolutely no obligations. You will learn at your own pace and your teacher will cater their teaching to your needs and requirements. If you would like to take this direction, we offer Rockschool exams but can also look at other options.


How much practice do I need to do?


Fitting practice into your already busy routine can seem like an impossible challenge! However, practicing little and often is better than no practice at all, so even a regular 10 minutes will make a more of a difference than one hour-long session.

Are the lessons available online?

Yes, all of our tuition is available online if you aren't able or would prefer not to travel to the shop. Click here to learn more about online lessons.

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