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Julija Jačėnaitė

Piano & Theory

Coming from a creative family I have performed in various TV and live music events in my home country of Lithuania from the age of three, as well as hosting a show for kids on national television (LRT) at the age of four - you can view it on Youtube!

Between 1992 and 2001 I studied classical piano at the National M.K. Čiurlionis School of Art in Vilnius and participated in various masterclasses and competitions, earning diplomas in Lithuania, Czech Republic, Estonia and achieving 1st place at the International N. Rubinstein competition of young pianists in Paris, France (1999).

Following this I studied piano and vocals at Vilnius Conservatory and in 2003 began studying jazz singing at Vilnius College, earning my diploma in 2005. Having a chance to learn from dedicated teachers I was always curious about the process of learning/teaching music and went on to study musical education at Vilnius University of Educational Sciences. I earned my BA degree in Music Education & Music Teaching Qualification in 2009 and ran a private vocal & piano studio until 2011 when I moved to the UK and continued my musical journey.

In the years since, alongside with teaching, I have attended and performed at various workshops, jam sessions, music festivals, public and private events and had a chance to collaborate with many great musicians. My musical experiences have given me the exceptional opportunity to exchange information about learning, teaching, and performing music which I hope to share with you in our lessons.

I teach classical piano and music theory as well as give performance advice and prepare students for musical auditions and graded exams. I plan each of my lessons with care to make it the most interesting, rewarding and fun.

My biggest aim in teaching is to inspire, help and creatively guide my students through the processes of learning, exploring, practicing and performing music, so that they would enjoy every step of their musical journey and have their dreams come true.

Sharing with you my motto - “Don’t give up - you’ve got the music in you!” and hope to meet you soon!

Julija Jacenaite


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