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Jazz Singing (Online)

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, our singing lessons are currently only available online. Learn more about online lessons here

Are there any age limits on learning to sing?


Jazz singing lessons with Julija are suitable for ages 15 years and up.

Do you need any previous musical experience to learn?

No previous experience is required, however any prior musical knowledge and interest in jazz music will be beneficial. Complete beginners are welcome.

Will I learn to read music?

Part of your singing lesson can be dedicated to music theory so you would be able to learn or improve your reading and writing of music. However, it is not essential.

Who is the teacher?

​Our jazz singing teacher is Julija Jačėnaitė. Learn more about her here.

What kind of singing does Julija teach and what is covered in the lessons?

Julija has experience in performing and teaching many styles, such as pop, r&b, funk, rock and hip-hop, but her focus is jazz and blues.

Areas she covers in her lessons include:

  • Exercises to learn breathing technique for singing

  • Vocal exercises to expand vocal range, improve voice control and projection

  • Exercises to develop the quality and colour of your tone

  • Advice on how to select a suitable repertoire of songs, analysis of songs and their individual elements

  • Performance review and feedback with advice on how to strengthen areas for improvement

  • Guided preparation for performance or audition.

Along the way you will gain knowledge of the history of jazz music and have the opportunity to explore vocal improvisation.

Why aren’t face-to-face lessons available?

​Singing is considered a high-risk activity when considering Covid-19 transmission. This is due to the size and quantity of the droplets and aerosols produced and distance they can travel, which can potentially contain coronavirus. We don’t therefore feel we can offer it at the moment. However, Julija is able to offer the same high standard of teaching online via Skype or Zoom. Click here for more information.

​Do I need any special equipment to learn to sing?

Apart from the equipment for setting up your online lesson and a separate device (i.e. phone, tablet, CD player) to play music and backing tracks, you just need you and your voice! To have a music stand for your lyrics and sheet music is always helpful, but not essential. Learn more about setting up for an online lesson here.

Do you offer exams and will I have to take them?

There is absolutely no obligation to take exams. However, if this is something you would like to achieve, your teacher will be able to advise you about the options available and help in every step of the preparation.

How much practice do I need to do?

We understand that everyone has busy lives and it can be daunting trying to work out how you could fit practice in around everything else. However, the amount of practice you need to do will depend on what your goals are and what areas of your singing need improvement. Therefore, this is something you can discuss with your teacher who will be able to help you work out how to optimise the time you have available.

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