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Singing (Online) 

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, our singing lessons are currently only available online. Learn more about online lessons here

Are there any age limits on learning to sing?

No, anyone can enjoy singing!​

Do you need any previous musical experience to learn?

Absolutely no experience is required! Complete beginners are welcome.

Will I learn to read music?

You can choose to learn to read music if you would like to and if you choose to take singing exams it may be required. However, it isn’t essential.​

Who is the teacher?

​Our guitar teacher is Julija Janenaite. Learn more about her here.

​Do I need any special equipment to learn to sing?

​If you have an instrument at home you will learn more quickly than if you only play at your lesson. 

Why aren’t face-to-face lessons available?

​Singing is considered a high-risk activity when considering Covid-19 transmission. This is due to the size and quantity of the droplets and aerosols produced and distance they can travel, which can potentially contain coronavirus. We don’t therefore feel we can offer it at the moment. However, Julija is able to offer the same high standard of teaching online via Skype or Zoom. Click here for more information.

Do you offer exams and will I have to take them?

Our teachers can put you through exams should you wish to take that direction. However, there is absolutely no obligations. You will learn at your own pace and your teacher will cater their teaching to your needs and requirements.

How much practice do I need to do?

Fitting practice into your already busy routine can seem like an impossible challenge! However, practicing little and often is better than no practice at all, so even a regular 10 minutes will make a more of a difference than one hour-long session.

Are the lessons available online?

​Yes, all of our tuition is available online if you aren't able or would prefer not to travel to the shop. Click here to learn more about online lessons.



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